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How to distinguish the quality of heavy calcium powder and how to distinguish the quality of heavy calcium powder

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Heavy calcium powder is the heavy calcium carbonate in the construction and industrial production has a wide range of applications, the following small series for you to detail how to distinguish the quality of heavy calcium powder, heavy calcium powder good or bad discrimination method

Good quality heavy calcium powder has the following characteristics:

1. The content of cacO3 in heavy calcium powder should be high, and the compounds of elements such as silicon and iron should be as low as possible.

2. The content of harmful heavy metal elements should be strictly required.

3. Whiteness should be as high as possible

The whiteness of both heavy and light calcium depends mainly on the resource. For plastic materials, whiteness does not affect the mechanical properties and processing properties of the material, but high whiteness gives people a good feeling, the same performance with high whiteness has a competitive advantage.

4. The lower the oil absorption value, the better the maximum amount of butylene glycol phthalate (DBP) absorbed by 100g powder material is called the oil absorption value of the material.

For some plastic products, such as soft POLYvinyl chloride, artificial leather, cable material, need to use plasticizer, heavy calcium powder oil absorption value is higher, the more easy to absorb plasticizer into the filler, so that it loses the role of plasticizer, so as to achieve a certain degree of softness need to increase the amount of plasticizer, resulting in cost increase. The oil absorption value of heavy calcium powder can be reduced by coating the surface of heavy calcium powder. For example, the oil absorption value of light heavy calcium powder treated with coupling agent can be reduced from 92.91g/100g to 49.33g/100g.

5, the fineness should be appropriate, not the finer the better, particle size distribution should also be based on demand

6. Activation or not should depend on the demand of downstream users.

The above 6 points are the detailed characteristics of high quality heavy calcium powder

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