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Effect of fineness of calcium carbonate powder filler on plastic production process

2020-04-08 2199 time BACK

The fineness of calcium carbonate filler has a great impact on the plastic production, which has an impact on the production cost and the application performance of the plastic. The author analyzes it from the following aspects:

1. Influence on the dispersion of filler High fineness filler can be evenly distributed in the plastic material, good dispersion, so that the color uniformity of the filler, the strength, toughness, fatigue resistance and other comprehensive mechanical properties have been improved.

2. Influence on oil absorption Value High fineness of filling material, its specific surface area is large, oil absorption value will increase accordingly. Oil absorption value is large, adhesive light absorption will increase, the surface of the product will appear sub-surface or fog surface effect. Oil absorption is small, light absorption is small, the surface of the product will appear bright effect.

The high fineness of the filling material, the friction coefficient in the granulation process of the plastic material production will be small, making the plastic granulation ability is strong, at the same time, the surface of the plastic product is smooth, forming ability will be strengthened. However, due to the adsorption force between molecules, high fineness fillers are prone to agglomeration, which, on the other hand, will reduce the evenness and comprehensive mechanical properties of fillers.

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